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Our Policies


At Reach One to Teach One we respect the parent as the primary and most important person in the child's life.  We try to complement your role by allowing children to feel secure and nurtured while providing a valuable learning experience. Parents are encouraged to become part of the learning process of their child.  Parents will be invited to center wide activities as well asked to accompany the children on trips.  Parents are required to provide the center with information about adults who are authorized to pick up their child.  Parents will also be asked to provide emergency contact information in the event a child is sick or injured.  Upon completion of the registration and acceptance process each parent will be provided a parent manual that will outline all of the Reach One to Teach One Early Learning Center policies.  


Communication with Parents

Parents will be able to find updates about the program as well as the monthly calendar and menu for the month posted on the parent board, classrooms and websites  Important information will be provided to parents by letter, email and/or phone call.  However parents are always welcome to contact the center directly in the event that they need their questions answered.



About our Payment Schedule

While many of our slots are free there may be some parents who require additional care which may require a fee.  We understand that every family's situation is different and finances is a sensitive and personal issue.  Therefore we prefer to discuss payment with you personally.  We accept HRA and ACD vouchers and we assist families with obtaining these vouchers if qualified.  We also accept debit cards and money orders.  No CASH will be accepted.  Payment is due every Friday for the following week. 


"Family is the First School for Young Children" Alice Sterling Honig


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